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Halloween Special Tattoo Event

Here are the designs for The Halloween special! If you want any of these designs they are £30 each only on the actual day of October 31st! We are open till midnight. Email us at studio@madhousetattoo.co.uk with your name your mobile number and the design description and number. We have slots left during the day and evening so we will then contact you to arrange the time you get tattooed. All these images are done by Dave Martin and you will find them only at our shop unless someone has stolen them!


Spaces this week!

Hi guys

This week is pretty empty appointment wise so its a good time for you to get in touch!
We have Spaces on Wednesday including the late night!

Friday we have a small amount oif walk in space

Saturday we have spaces to!

email your ideas or come in and see us or call 01920 877582


Halloween tattoo special at our shop!

The designs will be posted on the facebook page on Tuesday at 5pm as well as on here for you to chose from or come and ask us about a larger halloween design you want! We are going from midday to midnight so there will be room for everyone! Two artists all day and into the night! Call the shop to book in once you have seen which design you want!


call the shop to book in

We have space for you this week! 9/10/12

Hi everyone

When we opened this shop we decided we didnt want people to have to wait to see us if we could help it. We have soaces this week on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday so get in touch and get yourself booked in.
01920 877582


Saturday (29/9/12) is Available for tattooing

We have a large gap due to resheduling on Saturday so if you would like to be tattooed this weekend let us know!

First come first served!

01920 877582


Spaces next week WB 18/9/12

Hi all

We have alot of spaces in the diary next week due to us taking holidays and not being here to book you guys in!

Should you want to be tattooed this week coming then please get in touch either come into the shop or call us on 01920 877582

email us @ studio@madhousetattoo.co.uk we can sort out what you want and a time to do it!


Spaces this week that need filing!

Hi Guys


We have some gaps this week that you can get tattooed in!

Weds (tomorrow) 11:30 till 4
Friday 4 till 6pm


Get in touch asap